Rachel Dorfman’s 80’s Charity Fundraiser

Rachel Dorfman’s 80’s Charity Fundraiser

Written by manage
| 6 May 2020

The Brief


Author, TEDx Speaker and very entertaining storyteller, Toni Powell was hosting an 80s Prom themed charity fundraiser at the Huntington Beach Hilton.

Organizers wanted to make sure the event went off without a hitch and tasked Ingenious Events with taking care of the music, lighting, AV and photography.


The Work


The Ingenious Events team embraced the 80s Prom theme and worked hard to bring it life with innovative technology.

We curated a lighting scheme that enhanced the venue, adding uplighting around the perimeter of the room as well as perfectly lighting the presenters on stage.

The 80s theme really came alive with our DJ set that riffed off the mood of the room, mixing up classic 80s tunes with current hits to bring everyone out of their seats and onto the dancefloor.

The live auction went off without a glitch, as the Ingenious Events team had installed 2 video screens on either side of the stage as well as surround sound speakers to make sure no one missed a moment.

Every guest got the chance to take a trip down memory lane and have the ultimate Prom experience. Ingenious Events’ professional photographers were on hand to recreate prom portraits for every guest, giving them all the perfect keepsake from their 80s night out.

We brought it all together projecting the prom photos onto the video screens to make sure no one missed out on the fun.


The Result


Guests were utterly enthralled by the 80s theme and loved the chance to get into the spirit of the occasion with the picture-perfect prom photo.

The live auction was seamlessly executed, and guests were utterly entertained with both the photography and the amazing DJ set.

“Thanks to Ingenious Events, we exceeded our fundraising goals. The room was transformed into an adult 80s prom. The music and lighting were flawless. Amazing night!” ~ Rachel Brady-Dorfman