Ingenious 360X

Flip the script.

Turn up the dial

And give guests an unforgettable experience!

Serving up a fully immersive, state-of-the-art photo attraction, the Ingenious 360X is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Designed to capture individuals and groups from every angle, there will soon be a queue as guests vie to get in on the action.

The Ingenious 360X features the latest high-definition cameras, innovatively utilised to capture branded videos, GIFs and Boomerangs that can be shared straight to social media or hosted directly on a brand website.

Turning an event into an extravaganza, the Ingenious 360X is set to revolutionize event entertainment.

Every user will feel like the ultimate VIP as they hop onto the branded platform and making sure they have their moment in the spotlight.

A slow-motion camera circles the platform, capturing every bit of the action in vivid high definition.

And as soon as your guests step off the platform, Ingenious Events will have a branded video ready to be shared straight to social media.

Put your brand front and centre with the Ingenious 360X.

From the branded video through to the platform and control station Ingenious Events will customize the experience fully to immerse users in your brand.

Get ready to watch as your social media channels take off with increased likes, shares and tweets of the content created on the Ingenious 360X.

Let your imagination run wild and let Ingenious Events make it a reality.