Sometimes a picture isn’t enough.


And you want to capture all the action from your wedding day on vivid and vibrant film.

Well, we can help.

But it won’t be your average, wedding video that no one wants to sit through.

Instead, we capture all the greatest moments of your special day–in our own cinematic way–and present it in a concise documentary film-style video, which creates magic through words, images, and rhythm.

An Ingenious wedding film is one that you and your loved ones will actually want to watch!

And we don’t just do weddings!

Whether it’s a photo montage, a movie trailer, a business promo video, spoof commercial, video invitation, music video, our crew can help you.

You can come to us with your ideas ready to go, or you can utilize our whatever you need from our team of writers, actors, directors, cameramen, lighting technicians and editors for a fully polished video presentation.

Let your imagination run wild and let Ingenious Events make it a reality.